Eden Renovations

Build of single-storey extension in Bromley

Roughly a 6meters by 6meters single-storey extension erected in Bromley area. Foundations were laid at 1 meter deep with some  tunnelling for the public sewer  crossing just 1 meter away from the house.

2 leaf brick and blockwork cavity walls were bricked using high density CEMEX concrete blocks as the inner leaf,  100mm Isover cavity walls insulation and the well known 65mm London heather bricks as the outer leaf.

The floor structure, we opted for a beam and block flooring structure, insulated and screed on top. The final decorative layer was  the ceramic tiles.

To support the surface of the new flat roof and to avoid any problems regarding the weight the roof may gather, we had to install a massive steel beam between the right and left hand side walls. The roof it is a conventional cold roof with 3 layers of roofing felt, plywood decking, insulation and plasterboard ceilings.

Inside the extension, a new B&Q kitchen was installed, roughly there were 22 units. The preparation begun roughly as soon as the single storey extension was sealed, walls covered in plasterboard on dabs.

The total value of this project reached £55.000 and extended to a total length of 64 days.