Eden Renovations

Installing new Kitchens

When we are carrying out a complete kitchen refurbishment , we take in consideration the order in which we need to complete each task.

Initially, we start with removal of the old kitchen. Then the order of work for refurbishing the kitchen is as it follows:

1). Re-route electrical wiring, if necessary;

2). Re-route plumbing, including gas pipes, if necessary;

3). Complete structural work on walls, ceilings and floors;

4). Install base units then wall units;


5). Fit worktops and any infill panels;

6). Fit sink and plumbing fittings;

7). Install hob and oven;

8). Fit extractor fan;

9). Wall and floor tiling;

10). Painting and decoration of the walls.

¬†Here’s some of the kitchens we fitted