Eden Renovations

House Refurbishment


Plastering & Dry lining

Applying undercoat plaster, one-coat and topcoat Internal masonry walls usually need plastering before decorating, though natural stone or brick can be left exposed. Finishing (topcoat) plaster cannot be applied directly to masonry: it requires a “background” of cement-based render, undercoat or bonding plaster. We use the traditional way of covering the walls, plastering is useful for […]


Painting and decorating

Thorough preparation of all surfaces is a vital first step we take in redecoration. Preparation means removing dirt, grease and loose or talking finishes, as well as repairing serious deterioration such as cracks, holes, corrosion and decay. It is not only old surfaces that need attention. New timber must be sealed for protection, and priming […]


Damp-proof coursing

Tackling damp We know that the term “damp” strikes fear into most homeowners. Left untreated, a small, easily fixed problem can become much larges and considerably more expensive to repair. The presence of damp is usually signalled by obvious visual clues such as discolouration of surfaces, mould, peeling paper, or crystallised salts on plaster. Surfaces may […]


Floor fitting

  If you need to build or replace a floor, then you just found the right people to do it. We are specialised in building and replacing concrete and wooden floors, as well in insulating the floor. Building a new concrete floor surface We have 2 methods to build a new concrete floor surface: 1). […]


Fitting new doors

Both external and internal door system need to suit the architectural style of your home. External doors are often thicker and more durable to withstand the elements. We both fit external and internal doors, as well new ones or reclaimed doors; wooden doors, UPVC, fibreglass, sliding patio or steel door. Mind that if you are […]


Fitting new windows

Windows are available in a variety of designs and sizes. There are differences in opening mechanisms and structure, as well as the type of glass they contain. Our window fitters can fit this types of windows: UPVC casement windows, wooden casement windows, curved windows, bay windows, bow windows, sash windows, pivot windows and awning windows and in terms […]



Laying wood flooring

  About Laminate flooring   The laminate flooring is a high-density fibreboard core that is covered with a thin strip of material that perfectly simulates a wide range of softwoods and hardwoods. This decorative layer is sealed with a clear protective coating that is highly resistant to abrasion and spillages. Laminates are also available with […]


Fitting insulation

About Insulating roofs Approximately a quarter of the heat lost from an average house goes through the roof, so minimising this should be one of your priorities. For our insulation fitters, insulating roofs is a straightforward job, as laying insulating material between the joists is a cheap, quick and quite effective. There’s however a wide […]