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Assembling flat-pack kitchen units

Assembling flat-pack kitchen units

Kitchen units are one of the most popular forms of flat-pack furniture. They come in a wide array of sized and configurations, allowing to our kitchen fitter to plan and assemble a fully fitted kitchen clean, easily and fast.

Starting by unpacking and identifying all the components, we carry out a dry run, fitting the components together. Once the assembly began, glue will be applied to all exposed dowels and also, the mating panels will be brought together.

Installing base units

The work will start in the corner of the kitchen, by setting out the corner unit in position. The unit legs allow us to set out the level, therefore, the rest of the cabinets will follow the corner unit levels.

Installing the wall units

A horizontal line on the wall will be marked to indicate the level of the bottoms of the wall units above the datum line, using a spirit level. Most of the wall units are mounted using a fitting that fits inside of the top corners of the cabinets and hooks onto a special bracket on the wall. The fitting incorporated an adjustment block that allows to adjust the level of the units precisely.