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Fitting new windows

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Windows are available in a variety of designs and sizes. There are differences in opening mechanisms and structure, as well as the type of glass they contain. Our window fitters can fit this types of windows: UPVC casement windows, wooden casement windows, curved windows, bay windows, bow windows, sash windows, pivot windows and awning windows and in terms of mechanisms, we can fit windows with this type of opening mechanisms: butt hinge, weights and balances, pivots and friction hinge.
The fitting of a window depends on wall type and window design. In many situations, the installation is quite similar. To replace the window, first we remove the old one, fitting the new window sill, positioning the new window, fixing the frame and finishing the job. Fixing windows in timber-framed walls does not require plugs for the framework fixings. Some manufacturers produce windows with fixing flanges around the edge of the window specially designed for use in timber-framed buildings.

However, a replacement of a sash window with any kind of window may not be allowed in a conservation area, and even if you are not in a conservation area, be aware that original windows can sometimes add value to your property, in which case you may have to take in consideration just making good the existing ones. We will help you stripping off the old paint and apply a  new fresh coat of paint or to replace the cords.


Fitting new doors

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Both external and internal door system need to suit the architectural style of your home. External doors are often thicker and more durable to withstand the elements. We both fit external and internal doors, as well new ones or reclaimed doors; wooden doors, UPVC, fibreglass, sliding patio or steel door. Mind that if you are buying a door bi itself, don’t forget to buy the hinges, handles, locks, latches and so on.

Fitting a door lining

An internal door is not fitted directly into the rough frame of the opening in the wall. A wooden door lining is necessary to be fitted in to provide a fixing point for hinges as well as creating a “finished” internal framework to the opening.

Hanging doors
After we perfectly adjust the width and height of the door, to fit in the door frame, we attach the hinges to the door, where the number of hinges to be attached depends by the door type and weight. After the hinges are attached to the door, we then screw the hinges to the lining, then we fit the latch and handle. In certain situations, door closers are required to be attached to the doors (hydraulic or concealed door closers).


Fitting garage doors

garage-door-openingWhen choosing a garage door, it is important to consider the appearance, material, construction and method of operation (manual or automatic). Your decision will also depend on budget, and the structure of the garage itself, as you may need more than one door in a double garage.

We have been fitted many styles and garage doors made from different materials, styles like GRP up-and-over, steel side-opening, wooden up-and-over, steel up-and-over as well, we also fit automated rectangle garage doors.