Eden Renovations


Basins are traditionally made from ceramic, although contemporary designs made of glass, wood, marble, and other types of natural stone are available. There are several common designs – full-pedestal, half-pedestal, and wall-mounted. Basins can also be supported by fitted units with storage cupboards underneath.

Basins are straight-forward to replace. We simply remove the old basin and connect the new one. When it is a new-build project or a basin is required to be installed in a new position, we will re-route water supply and drainage pipes.

When fitting wall-mounted basins, this rely on their fixings to support their full weight. Most manufacturers supply special brackets with wall-mounted basins. If none supplied, we will procure this fixings from the local building warehouse supplier. When fixing a wall-mounted basin to a stud wall, we insert new noggins to provide tim fixing points, also we modify the pipework to run through the wall at the same time.